About Us

Our Mission

At Sublime Graphics it is our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality products and designs. We pride ourselves in making it easy to communicate with our clients, in order to get a given project completed in your timeframe. We strive to stay ahead of the competition with our extensive knowledge in technology and our up to date machinery and software. Whether you are comfortable communicating via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or the more conventional ways, like on the telephone, or in-person, we will work with you to make sure you can communicate with us in your preferred method. No matter where you are or how little time you have to fit us into your busy work day, you will be able to talk to us.


It is in our nature to design, build, or print a premium product for a reasonable price. We are able to deliver high quality signs, paper printing products, or graphic design that meets and exceeds the industry standard. We do not settle for a mediocre sign or design, which is what has helped us grow considerably since we opened. We take the time to understand your industry, and work to your budget to make sure you can compete and grow with quality branding.

Wrap Installation Time-Lapse

Jeremy Cleland


Jeremy started Sublime Graphics in 2004 with 10 years experience in the sign making industry. He knew that through good work, determination, and word of mouth, that we would grow to have the impressive list of clients we have today. Jeremy is an expert in sign production and has always refused to turn down a job, no matter how large. Sign making is a fast moving industry and he is happy to point out that we were one of the first companies North of Toronto to provide our customers with full vehicle wraps. He understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in this ever changing industry.

Mike Holmes


After spending 6 years manufacturing bush planes Mike knew how to produce a high quality product in a fast paced industry. In order to produce a plane, there is no option but pin point accuracy. Mike brought this to Sublime Graphics in 2005 when he became co-owner with Jeremy. Mike had already spent most of his evenings and weekends helping Jeremy with Sublime’s ever growing work load, and it became obvious Jeremy needed more than a part time worker, and Mike was a natural fit. Now with over 9 years experience, Mike has become an expert in our industry.

Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer

In 2008 Sublime Graphics expanded from a sign shop to a full service sign, design, and paper printing production facility. Jon had just finished a 3 year Graphic Design program in which he graduated with honours and an advanced diploma. Jon’s attention to detail and drive to produce professional and iconic graphic design, made him the perfect person for the job. With a vast knowledge in design and the newest technology, Jon makes a point of working with clients to ensure they have a final design that can compete with even the largest of companies in any given industry.

Sam Bailey


In 2012 after completing his secondary school education, Sam joined the full time work force in the residential food and beverage industry. After mastering the art of professional cart wrangling and shelf organization, he rose to the height of produce distribution. But his dreams had not yet been fulfilled. After a short stint in the home construction field as lumber relocation expert he joined the ranks at Sublime Graphics Incorporated in 2016. His dreams have now been fully realized as a waste management technician, janitor, and coffee run supplier.